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Sitting With the Elders

In keeping with our mission and commitment to continuing education in Nordic spiritual traditions, we are proud to offer two opportunities to sit with elders from Scandinavia. Since most of us can not travel to meet with them, it is important for the Guild to create access for the community to have experience with vetted elders. Your tax deductible donation secures your seat at the virtual table. Your generosity will go towards supporting these elders and you will receive a confirmation email with zoom link.


Elder Gudrun Victoria Gotved

Sunday May 19, 11 - 12p cst

Gudrun is a practicing vølve who worked with the Ribe Viking Center for several years exploring the historical vølve in the Iron Age.
From plant medicines to the famous runic skull fragment she contributes to the larger body of knowlege in Norse spiritual practice.
Kari was introduced to her work in 2019 when seeking an opportunity to learn from another who balances historical exploration and modern practices. Recognizing the value Gudrun's work Kari is honored to bring it to the broader community.

Ribe Skull Fragment.jpeg

We are excited to hear about her experimentation with the rune skull fragment (pictured) first unearthed in 1973. She will share how these elder futhark runes and blowing through the skull have become a healing modality for her. We love this video of her healing session and want to hear about her research into Iron Age plants including comfrey, mugwort, juniper, elder berry, and yarrow.

Join us as we sit with this respected elder and hear all she has to say about her work as vølve!

Runic skull fragment

Elder Stina Fagertun

Thursday May 23 - 6-8 pm


Stina Fagertun is a Sami, Kven, and Norwegian elder from Tromsø, Norway.

A professional singer and storyteller. She is well known in Norway and the US.

Kari first met Ms Fagertun in Minot, North Dakota as part of Høstfest 2018 where

Sami and Norwegian songs floated over the Iron Age village.

Of special interest is the care taken around indigenous knowlege, relationships

within the reenactment community in Norway, and building relationships with the

world through song.

Additional Events With Elder Stina

Workshop, Norwegian folk songs and Sami joik

Saturday May 25 - 11am to 1:00pm
Anam Cara House - 36th and Bloomington, Minneapolis

Concert, song and story telling

Saturday May 25 - 2:30 to 4:30 pm

Anam Cara House - 36th and Bloomington, Minneapolis

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