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Völva Stav Wisconsin

Northern Traditions and Tools

Classes take place at

Unitarian Universalist Congregation

421 S. Farwell St, Eau Claire, WI 54701


Learn about the Story of the Norse Völva~Wise Women Tradition and gain knowledge, perspective, skills, and tools to bring into your own life and work.


This series of classes will be sharing the Völva Stav Tradition and other Northern Path information, healing lore, Folkways, and reconstructed historical traditions. Our class sessions will include the study of the Völva Stav Manual by Kari Tauring, originator of the Völva Stav Method. This includes the exercises, vocalizations, singing, staving and the study of the runes and other Nordic historical references. Norse myth and metaphysics will also be explored.



Völva Stav techniques create body/mind/spirit alignment with the world tree, balanced brain hemispheres and a heightened state of awareness. Other tools for healthy boundary setting, communication techniques, and ancestor healing connections are planned. The two hour classes will be interactive and practical.


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Your registration will benefit the Völva Stav Guild - educational and cultural healing cooperative of 6 women who are dedicated to the principals and methodologies of Völva Stav and who practice and use them daily in our personal and professional lives.

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