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The Völva Stav Guild is an educational and cultural healing cooperative of 8 women who are dedicated to the principals and methodologies of Völva Stav and who practice and use them daily in our personal and professional lives.

Benefit for a Barrel: The Völva Stav Guild

Volva Stav Guild Deepens and Expands


The Bath House (sauna) is the center of healing, family, and community life into ancient times. To broaden our ability to take this medicine into our respective communities we seek funding to purchase a portable barrel-style sauna. Housed in the city of Minneapolis at the residence of a Guild Elder on a regulation parking pad, it will help us further our research and education around this healing along with giving us the ability to take it to another site for community healing ritual.


Our goal is to have our own unit in service for the 5th Annual "Nordic Women's Fall Retreat" at the Danish American Center in Minneapolis in November 2020. We realize that the current Pandemic may make this retreat impossible. But the goal remains the same!

It is our belief that now is exactly the time to explore and reconstruct what our own ancestors used for healing when they were faced with similar uncertainty.


We are asking you, the communities we serve, to support us in this goal in what ever way you can. Share our news widely and give a tax deductible donation on the link below.

What is Völva Stav?

Völva Stav (created in 2003 by Kari Tauring) is a system of sacred body geometry and toning in a Norse cultural context. In her teachings, runes, staff rhythm, and voice combine to create physical alignment with Norse cosmology, pathways for metaphysics, and as a tool for healing öorlog and inherited cultural grief. The methodology includes tools for boundary setting, communication, and creating healthy interactions in our personal, community, and spiritual lives.

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VolvaStavGuild.com is a 501c3 Non-profit educational organization. Donations support our educational and healing activities: Nordic Women's Gatherings and other retreats, community outreach, and resource building.